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"Trust the science," is usually offered in reference to COVID-19 or climate change.

The comment is not bad as such, though science is the product of human researchers and scientific conclusions often differ, which is one of the values of science in which other studies can always be done and with them more learning take place. However, when people cherry pick scientific research to find conclusions that fit their pre-determined narrative, it doesn't reinforce scientific credibility. That's one reason, "The Science is settled," is such a bogus statement, now morphed into a political mantra.

“Trust the science,” we’re told re C-19, climate change.

--Should we then “trust the science” re abortion? Science unequivocally shows us a human life in the womb. Why is it acceptable, even laudable, to ignore this science? 

--Should we “trust the science” re gender theory? Science unequivocally shows us binary male or female DNA in nearly every cell in the human body. Why is it acceptable, increasingly demanded, we ignore this science?

--Should we “trust the science” re education? Science shows us learning flourishes in free inquiry, respect for truth, and embrace of goals, standards, expectation. Why is it acceptable to ignore this science as we watch American universities turn into intolerant, relativist, racialized, guilt-ridden places where dissent is not welcome?

Apparently trusting the science depends upon one's ideological point of view.


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