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Dr. Rogers is frequently asked to speak on a variety of topics. In all of his presentations he encourages listeners to think, applies unchanging biblical principles to rapidly changing issues, and calls individuals to action, to contribute, to make a difference in the service of Christ.

Examples of some of Dr. Rogers's favorite and most popular speaking titles and topics include:

Ministry in the Middle East:
  • Followers of Jesus, the Middle East, and Ministry
  • What the American Christian Church Should Know About the Middle East Christian Church
  • The Church's Defining Challenge of the 21st Century
  • SAT-7, For Such a Time as This
  • WDJD: What Did Jonah Do?
Faith and Culture
  • Christian Liberty in a Changing Culture" (based upon Romans 14; 1 Corinthians 10, and eBook "Living for God In Changing Times.")
  • Gambling: Don't Bet on It
  • Spiritual Discernment (based upon Philippians 1:9-11)
  • The "In-the-World/Not-of-the-World" Tension (based upon John 17)
  • Reaching American Culture (based upon Acts 17)
  • What Robinson Crusoe Teaches Us About Adversity
Fundraising or Stewardship
  • The Widow's Coins
  • Money and What to Do With It
  • How to Keep from Being "Stuffocated"
American Culture, Religion, and Politics
  • Responsible Christian Patriotism
  • Heroes: Grandpa's Life and Legacy
  • Does a Political Candidate's Faith Matter?