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What sort of philosophy leads a seemingly intelligent person to conclude that a boy can be a girl, a girl can be a boy, men and women can identify as whatever gender appeals to them?

Hi, I’m Rex Rogers and this is episode #157 of Discerning What Is Best, a podcast applying unchanging biblical principles in a rapidly changing world, and a Christian worldview to current issues and everyday life.


I don’t remember much about my 0-6 years of life, nor do I remember that I understood the difference in a boy or a girl, in part because I’d just learned I was a boy and what this meant. In grade school, I remember beginning to understand the difference in a boy and a girl, then not liking girls much because, well, they were different. You know, the “ooh” factor; girls had cooties.

Later in junior high school, I recollect beginning to understand that girls are not only different but different in certain interesting ways. I did not know much about this, but Dad gave me a “Birds and the Bees” talk a couple of times.

Dad was a part time barber, so whenever he concluded I’d benefit from a life lesson, he decided I needed a haircut. When you’re in a barber chair you can’t get away. Trapped in a barber chair in an otherwise empty barber shop is a perfect place to hear about the “Birds and the Bees.”

Of course, in the natural process of things, in high school, I decided those ways in which girls were different from boys were downright attractive and a source of endless fascination. God knew this. He planted these inclinations in me and every other human being because he created us male and female, and he did this so that we would be blessed with male/female companionship—remember, “It’s not good that man should be alone” (Gen. 2:18)—so that we would find enjoyment in male/female marriage relationship, and eventually so that we would in the words of the Old Testament book of Genesis, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth,” (1:28), i.e., we’d perpetuate the human race.

Now if you are normal, typical, balanced, healthy, you resonate with what I’m saying. You get it. You likely remember similar maturing thoughts, emotions, and bodies in your youth. Best of all, you too understand the difference in a boy and a girl.

Some of you, like me, were privileged to be present in the room at the birth of your own child, either as the mother delivering the newborn or as the bamboozled new father. You saw for yourself that boys and girls are born with their distinguishing biological differences, and while we couldn’t see them, also born with distinguishing emotional, psychological, and maybe other divinely appointed differences.

Given all this, why are there people walking around today who claim they cannot define the difference in a boy or a girl or a man or a woman? Remember US Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson who during her confirmation hearings was asked by Senator Marsha Blackburn, “Can you define ‘woman’?” Jackson said, “I’m not a biologist. I’m a judge.” She was still confirmed as a Justice.

People say they cannot recognize the difference in the sexes and argue neither can medical professionals. In this view, only the newborn babe can later “say what or who they are.”

So, we are now treated to the insanity of sex education in kindergarten and elementary school, not just the differences in boys and girls, but age-inappropriate teaching, blatantly encouraging children to question their own sex, or what is now called gender.

Obviously, there are moral and scientific implications to this, but there are also practical, educational implications. Time spent on gender nonsense is time not spent on reading, writing, and arithmetic, history, science, and certainly not character or civics education. We trade essential instruction that would benefit students’ futures for elective, unseemly instruction that is not only nonessential but harmful.

Gender fluidity is the cultural soup du jour. 

It’s the latest craze that’s morphed beyond political correctness to indisputable orthodoxy. Dissent is not permitted. If you ask questions, based upon common sense, biology, a few thousand years of human history, or even religious conviction, you’re a bigot, a hater.

Proponents (especially activists) of gender fluidity believe biology is not destiny. In their view, biological sex is mutable, something “assigned” at birth. One’s “real sex” is determined by one’s feelings about gender, conveniently presented as an ever-lengthening spectrum of choices (some social media are offering 112 gender choices).

This gender transition, we are told, liberates and makes the person whole. Except it does not. Neither do any of the other hybrid gender identities ostensibly resulting from the newly declared fact of gender fluidity.

We know that people who experience gender dysphoria often endure genuine painful depression, detachment, fear, anxiety, and distress. Nothing in this podcast suggests gender dysphoria is not real, consequential, or concerning. Certainly, no perspective here suggests people struggling with gender dysphoria are crazy, weird, perverted, or otherwise undeserving of caring and kindness. 

Think about this. Gender dysphoria is not sinful. It’s a feeling, some say rooted in mental disorder, some in emotional and psychological confusion, but gender dysphoria is just feelings, a subjective confusion, and only that unless acted upon.

People with discordant thoughts about sex and gender need compassion not condemnation. They need love, help, caring, and hope.

This podcast is about gender fluidity and the ideology that has grown up supporting it. That ideology is fast becoming a kind of orthodoxy activists are marketing with religious zeal. Corporations, academia and athletics, health and medicine, the military, and governments have climbed on the bandwagon, all in the name of inclusiveness and non-discrimination. 

But let’s think biologically. Approximately 37.2 trillion cells comprise the adult human body. That’s T for trillion, another incredible testimony of the omniscience and omnipotence of our Creator God.

Each cell of the body contains a full set of chromosomes.”

“Humans have 46 chromosomes in 23 pairs. We inherit 23 chromosomes from our mother and 23 chromosomes from our father. The chromosomes in the first 22 pairs are identical in a normal cell and they are the same in both genders. The 23rd pair is the sex chromosome and therefore determines the sex of the individual.  This chromosome is either XX for female or XY for male.”

Whatever set of chromosomes a person has when they are born cannot be changed. This is because chromosomes are in all the cells that make up our bodies. To change a person’s chromosomes would mean changing trillion of cells! There’s no technology…that can change a chromosome in all of a person’s cells.”

“While the condition of gender dysphoria…is real and deserves sympathy, it does not erase the fact of biological sex. Human beings are male or female down to the level of their DNA, and males and females have different biochemistry even before they are born.”

Consequently, sex is not “assigned” at birth. It begins with conception and can be determined on ultrasounds prior to birth. Sex is literally hard-wired in the human design via the trillions of cells in the human body.

So, one’s sexuality is deeper than anatomy, appearance, feelings, or expression.  Our sex is part and parcel of who we are, and it cannot be changed no matter what drugs or hormones we might take and no matter what surgical procedures, including extensive gender reassignment surgery, we might choose to endure. 

Remarkable intellect Thomas Sowell once observed, “Reality does not go away when it is ignored.” No amount of Pride parades including transgender people, no number of President Biden’s appointment of trans bureaucrats is ever going to change reality.

Scripture says, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them” (Gen 1:27). This is truth for God is truth. Transgenderism is an attack on the truth of divine design.


Well, we’ll see you again soon. This podcast is about Discerning What Is Best. If you find this thought-provoking and helpful, follow us on your favorite podcast platform. Download an episode for your friends. For more Christian commentary, check my website, r-e-x-m as in Martin, that’s  

And remember, it is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm.

© Rex M. Rogers – All Rights Reserved, 2024    

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Have you wondered if there is an explanation for the upheaval we’re witnessing in American culture these past few months? 

Hi, I’m Rex Rogers and this is episode #156 of Discerning What Is Best, a podcast applying unchanging biblical principles in a rapidly changing world, and a Christian worldview to current issues and everyday life.

When I was a teenager and young man, there was a fellow who appeared on television every night – Walter Cronkite. By virtue of his professional endeavors and earned reputation he was known for years as “the most trusted man in America.” For nineteen years, he was the anchor for the CBS Evening News and each evening in his deep baritone he’d sign-off with his famous, “And that’s the way it is.” And we believed him.  We believed he gave us the truth because we believed in truth, and we trusted his presentation as truth.

Now, there are no Walter Cronkites and we’re swamped with “misinformation” and “disinformation,” politically biased information programs we still call “news,” the wall-to-wall angst of social media, “cheap fakes” videos, and A.I. or artificial intelligence making possible “deep fake” videos wherein people are featured saying outlandish things they never said. Now, we no longer believe there such a thing as truth.

In the New Testament, Jesus is put on trial in front of Roman governor Pontius Pilate who eventually asks the question, “What is truth?” (Jn 18:37-38). It is an existential question all human beings ask. But as English scholar Francis Bacon noted in a year 1625 essay entitled, “On Truth,” Pilate does not hang around to get an answer.

Fast forward to the period called Modernity, stretching from the Enlightenment to post-WWII, people asked the question because they believed in truth. They believed truth could be researched and discovered, and they believed we could do this using human reason, and later science and technology. The 1960s television program, “Star Trek,” perfectly presented this worldview with each episode’s problem eventually resolved by a combination of Captain Kirk’s plucky leadership and Mr. Spock’s logic. Maybe Captain Kirk would sometimes take a risk by “going with his gut,” but for the most part, emotion played a secondary role, even comic relief, coming from Dr. “Bones” McCoy’s needling of Mr. Spock’s rational mind.

Just a decade later, the movie “Star Wars” hit the big screen and in this film series we’re presented with an enormous shift in worldview. While the characters had science and technology, what they relied upon to win their good vs evil morality play was feelings. Now, truth is suspect. Obi-wan Kenobi, the sort of Christ-figure who eventually sacrifices himself for the characters and later returns in the spirit to help them, shared with Luke Skywalker what he called “Truth, from a certain point of view.” He advises Luke, a fledgling Jedi, to “search your feelings” and to “trust the Force,” an energy field that is in all things, including human beings, and a means by which the Jedi can gain power. Truth is not really knowable. 

Now what matters is subjective mind control via the Force, a pantheistic idea borrowed from eastern philosophy and religion. Not reason, not science, not Modernity’s search for truth, just feelings. This is postmodernity. 

When Oprah Winfrey spoke at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards she said, “Speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.” This is postmodernity. This is the “post-Truth” culture in which we now live.

In this view, as in “Star Wars,” truth is whatever we say it is. Lies then become a way of life.

Lies often have a religious-sounding language, like “Believe in yourself” when Jesus said, “Believe in me.” Like “Follow your heart,” when Scripture says the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked (Jer. 17:9), and Jesus said, “Follow me.” Like “Live your truth,” when Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” Like “I am free to be me,” when Jesus said, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

For Christians who believe in truth, who believe God is truth, our challenge is greater than ever. Where once, during the Modern period, one could speak to another non-Christian about our belief in truth, and whether they accepted or affirmed or believed as we did, they would at least recognize and generally acknowledge that truth exists.

Now, in the Postmodern, “post-Truth” era of moral relativism wherein it is believed nothing can be known for sure and the best one can do is, like Oprah, speak “your truth” or “my truth,” now our challenge is to interact with people who likely do not even acknowledge that anything can be known, that truth is even possible. They are left only with their subjective feelings, uncertainty, and often, anxiety.

And it gets more complicated because by now at least two generations of American youth have attended public schools wherein God, truth, morality, purpose, accountability, and hope have all been undermined, deconstructed, rejected, or destroyed. Gen Z and maybe also many Millennials no longer are certain about anything, least of all truth.

Live your truth versus live the truth. It’s a big difference. No God, they say? Then no truth. No truth? Then there is no morality, science, education, law or order or justice or mercy, aesthetics=beauty or art, trust, purpose or vision or aspiration or meaning or achievement, respect for life or individual dignity, civility, freedom. There is only division, confusion, lawlessness, chaos, insecurity.Post-Truth culture – possibly a new Dark Age. This is America 2024. 

America is experiencing Romans 1 come to life via “ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth. 

For although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Claiming to be wise, they became fools” Rom. 1:18, 21-22.

Our culture’s view of freedom is somewhat similar. Now it is believed “freedom is the ability to do whatever I want, whenever I want, with whomever I want!” Each individual becomes his own God, master and decider of good and evil. But what the culture promotes as freedom is really addiction and indulgence. It is as Jesus said, “Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who practices sin is a slave to sin” John 8:34. Consequently, there is less freedom and for many, no freedom. 

God warned us about how easy it is to get trapped by an Ism, a set of beliefs, values, and choices that lead us onto the broad road to destruction. God said, “See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ” Col 2:8.

Jesus warned us about the Devil, the Father of lies. The Word of God warned us about false prophets and teachers, and about the sinful inclinations of our own hearts.

But as Christians, truth-seekers, truth-believers, we know God is truth. We know truth is the unchanging, reliable, ultimate standard by which all things are measured. moral compass, guiding actions and attitudes Truth cannot be relative. It is not a matter of opinion or perspective. If perceived truth is relative, it is not truth. To say there is no truth for all people is to declare a truth. Truth is not subjective or relative, not an opinion or preference. Truth is inescapable because reality is inescapable.

How then do we live in a post-Truth culture?

  1. Anchor yourself in Truth. “The Gospel is the antidote to a post-truth, post-fact culture.” “Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist,” Eph 6:14. Christianity is based upon objective truth. Jesus died and was resurrected. 
  2. Keep your politics in submission to your faith. Politics is important and can be influential based upon righteous values, but politics is not a panacea for our problems primarily because our problems are mainly spiritual not political.
  1. Still called to be salt and light.
  2. Speak the truth in love.
  3. Be prepared to suffer. In 1 Peter mentions the word suffering 16 times. Suffering = persecution, trials, temptations, insults, and evil acts intended to harm and destroy, 2 Tim 3:12. If we live as truth-tellers, then we can expect pushback. Jesus said, “If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you” John 15:18.

“Our hope comes from outside any system or person because it comes from Christ. Hope is the ultimate antidote to cynicism. In a world that’s growing more cynical by the minute, hope is one of the most radical things you can do.”

In Roman times, soldiers developed a phrase for conveying their highest commitment when they said “Goodbye” or went into battle. They said to one another, “Strength and Honor” and tapped their chests. Perhaps Christians should develop a phrase to that conveys our beliefs. We could say, “Truth and Freedom” and tap our chests.


Well, we’ll see you again soon. This podcast is about Discerning What Is Best. If you find this thought-provoking and helpful, follow us on your favorite podcast platform. Download an episode for your friends. For more Christian commentary, check my website, r-e-x-m as in Martin, that’s  

And remember, it is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm.

© Rex M. Rogers – All Rights Reserved, 2024   

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What Bible version are you using, have you changed to a different version recently, and does one version vs another matter to your Christian experience?

Hi, I’m Rex Rogers and this is episode #155 of Discerning What Is Best, a podcast applying unchanging biblical principles in a rapidly changing world, and a Christian worldview to current issues and everyday life.


I grew up with the KJV, the King James Version. Didn’t everyone back to 1611?

Early in my career when I began speaking more, churches started using the NIV (1978) and my wife gave me a parallel Bible, KJV one side, NIV the other. I joked I could now shoot from either barrel. I used this for a few years because it both helped me study, drawing on wording with which I was long familiar, and helped me speaking if I happened to walk into a church that used one of the other versions.

In 1992, a few months after I became President of Grand Rapids Baptist College & Seminary, eventually Cornerstone University and Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, then Zondervan President Jim Buick gave me a brown leather my-name-embossed NIV that his company produced. With that beautiful new Bible, I shifted to NIV, leaving the heavier parallel version at home. 

Now, the ESV (2001) is becoming commonly used. Both the ministry with which I serve, SAT-7 USA, and our home church, First Baptist Church of Middleville, uses the ESV as its primary biblical resource. And I keep running into it in my travels.

I like the ESV. It’s a good version. 

Finally, then, a couple of weeks ago I decided it was time to step out on my own take on "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." I measured my faithful old, falling apart NIV and then looked on Amazon for Bibles the same size.  

What amazed me is that I not only found several choices, but most of them were also reasonably, if inexpensively priced, this for a product that can be $75 and up. The order was placed and about nine days later my new Bible arrived.

It's the same size, but then again it is not. The overall size of the book is nearly the same, but I intentionally ordered large print, so the font is bigger. This is a bow to advancing age and declining eyesight.

This happens to me in my work. I get a document written by a much younger colleague and it shows up in 9 or 10-point font, which I used “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away,” but not anymore. Now I go for 14-point font, so the Bible needed to be bigger print too, easier to use at my desk, better, or safer if you will, to use when I am speaking, meaning hopefully I don’t lose my place and can actually read when I need to do so.

Not long after I began this podcast, I wrote one called “Losing a Language of the Faith.” The idea was we’ve moved in my lifetime from a largely One-Bible-Version world to a Multi-Bible-Version world.  

Many different available versions of the Bible are a blessing of contemporary times and economic abundance, in other words, freedom. But there is a cost, even if we’re careful to select only those versions that accurately present the wording of the original autographs, we end up with choice run amok. We can end up with people in each church using multiple versions. If we memorize Scripture, or even if we are simply taught Scripture, we’re learning or hearing different wording and we may not recognize a verse from another version when it is cited.

This is what I mean about losing a language of the faith. We no longer can quote Scripture together.

I cut my teeth on the what’s now called the “old” King James Version of the Bible, the 1611 version that influenced the course of Western Civilization. When I memorized Scripture, I learned the language of the KJV, including all the “Thees” and “Thous” and “Verily verilys,” just like generations learned these passages before me.

When we went to church, we heard the KJV. There were no “pew Bibles,”—not that there’s anything wrong with them. But the point is: everyone had their own, usually black, KJV and carried it to church.

Though anyone my age—still happens—might speak from NIV or another version, but when a memorized verse comes to mind out comes KJV because it was imprinted indelibly on the brain since youth. 

I have several relatives or friends who’ve moved to a newer, easier to understand version, but having grown up on the KJV as I did, they want to stay close, so they use the New KJV.

Now, I have no problem with multiple Bible translations as such, as long as they maintain fidelity to ancient and original texts. I am decidedly not a KJV only guy and never have been. But I do think we’ve paid a price for the multiple versions of the Bible we now employ and enjoy. It’s a kind of embarrassment of riches. 

Pastors and churches have addressed this fact of life in various ways. Some pastors work hard a encouraging people who regularly attend to purchase whatever version he and that church regularly use. Some used a selected pew Bible and ask people to turn in it, citing page numbers. More often, with the help of projection, screens, and PowerPoint, Pastors place the Scripture on the screen, then everyone can relate to the same wording no matter the version in their lap.

One result of multiple versions and churches addressing the issue variously is that fewer people bother to carry a Bible to church. Some just access the Scripture via an app.

I am not suggesting “doing away with” multiple versions of the Bible.  

However, it still concerns me that we are losing a common Christian language within the Body of Christ,the Church, and what this might mean going forward for the Church. It concerns me even more that youth, already living in a highly chaotic pluralistic world, no longer learn or relate to the same biblical text. And if the Christian community is ever-less familiar with the Scripture – a form of biblical illiteracy – then certainly it is not much of a stretch to think the public will be even less familiar.

And if you pay attention to any of Christian researcher George Barna’s work, that is exactly what is happening:  less understanding of biblical stories, less understanding of theology, little or no evidence of a developed Christian worldview.

Now I am not saying multiple Bible versions is the reason for declining cultural understanding of Christian teaching. It’s more complicated than that. But it seems logical this is one additional source of the waning influence of Christianity upon Western culture.

But no Bible version means much if the Word is not read, is not studied, is not understood, and is not applied in the real world. We should not wrap the Bible with the American flag, but we should, so to speak, wrap the flag and the content of city newspapers—insofar as they still exist, but you know what I mean—we should wrap the Bible around current events and issues, vigorously applying our biblical worldview.

We live now in a post-Truth culture, one of the negative spinoffs of postmodernity.

People, especially Gen Z that have been and are being taught this lie in public schools, do not believe truth exists or can be known, so it is going to be more challenging than ever to live out the Christian life. But this is what our declining culture needs. It needs living testimonials, ambassadors of reconciliation, who believe truth, live truth, refuse to subjectivize truth (an oxymoron really), will stand against degenerate lies we hear daily on air and online, and will speak the truth in love.

The Gospel still stands as the most powerful transformative power in the world. No one, not a Christian-killer like the ancient Saul who via salvation became the Apostle Paul, not a murderer on death row, not a seemingly hopeless drug addict or dealer – as long as he or she is still breathing, as long as there is life, there is the message and hope and conversion of new birth in Christ wherein all things become new.

This hope is what our hopeless culture needs. This message of life is what our culture of death and culture that is dying needs. This love, forgiveness, and restoration is what our degraded, dissipated, perverted, addicted, evil, dissolute, demoralized, tragic culture, which is to say individuals, need. 

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life,” and you can read this in any accurate version of the Scripture.


Well, we’ll see you again soon. This podcast is about Discerning What Is Best. If you find this thought-provoking and helpful, follow us on your favorite podcast platform. Download an episode for your friends. For more Christian commentary, check my website, r-e-x-m as in Martin, that’s 

And remember, it is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm.

© Rex M. Rogers – All Rights Reserved, 2024   

*This podcast blog may be reproduced in whole or in part with a full attribution statement. Contact me or read more commentary on current issues and events at, or connect with me at or

Is America really ready for a world without good fathers?

Hi, I’m Rex Rogers and this is episode #154 of Discerning What Is Best, a podcast applying unchanging biblical principles in a rapidly changing world, and a Christian worldview to current issues and everyday life.


Fathers, or at least good fathers, are an endangered species in America. 

In the book Fatherless America (1996), David Blakenhorn notes that from 1960 to the 1990s the percentage of children not living with their biological fathers increased from 17.5% to 36.3%. These figures have increased into the high 40% levels and indicate that our nation is replete with citizens raised quite differently than generations born prior to 1970, in which over 80% of children were raised by their biological fathers.

So, we could ask, are fathers still important? Much has changed in our culture in my lifetime. The radio program, 1949-1954, “Father Knows Best” became a popular television series when I was a kid, 1954-1960. The actors were the well-dress, well-spoken, upstanding at least on air Robert Young and Jane Wyatt.

I also remember “Leave It To Beaver” with Ward Cleaver and “Ossie and Harriet” in which the married couple were shown retiring for the night to twin beds.

Then something changed, big time, in the 1960s. “Research has shown that the “patriotic” and “heroic” images of working-class fathers — i.e., the men who rebuilt America after the Great Depression and World War II — have been replaced by images of immature buffoons and schemers who need constant rescuing from their competent wives.”

Now there is nothing wrong with assured, competent wives, but in contemporary terms, this usually means the husband is a bumbling father like Fred Flintstone, Archie Bunker, Al Bundy, or Homer Simpson. Indeed, gaining speed in 1970s sit coms, if a Dad was in the house, he’s an idiot, or a goofball, or superfluous. He gives bad advice or burns the house down.

In the 1980s we had “The Cosby Show,” which, despite Bill Cosby’s later moral crash and burn, featured an upper middle class urban Black family wherein the father’s, the parents’, and the grandparents’ carried weight.

In the 1990s, we got “Home Improvement” with Tim Allen, Tim the Tool Man Taylor. This was an enjoyable family sit com that my boys, who were young then, and I watched regularly. But “The Cosby Show” of the 1980s and “Home Improvement” of the 1990s contrasted how American culture had changed in just ten years. In the Huxtable household on the show, misbehaving children always got a comeuppance from some family adult. In other words, lying had consequences. In the Taylor household on the “Home Improvement” show, misbehaving children sometimes resulted in parental discipline, but usually what the kids did was laughed off. No comeuppance. He lied, Ha Ha, and the lie was joked away.

In one later series episode, Tim was out one night at a bar, playing pool, and in walks a young woman wearing revealing clothing, who then makes a play for Tim. At first, this surprise flirtation appeals to and bolsters his male ego, but eventually he backs off. He never says or does anything overtly inappropriate toward the young woman signaling her interest. When he gets home, wife Jill asks him where he has been, and he lies to his wife about where he was and who he met. This lie is never corrected in the episode, just laughed off. Why? Why did a husband feel it appropriate to lie to his wife? This I don’t know, but I do know this is what American culture was becoming in the 1990s – lies are OK if they meet our needs of the moment. Dads no longer are paragons of virtue.

Think for a moment about world class gold medalist decathlete Bruce Jenner, once called “The World’s Greatest Athlete,” a “man’s man” and a “hunk” for sure, who went through marriages until he wed Kris Kardashian and became the father of two of the five Kardashian family sisters featured on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” 2007-2021. In the course of this programs run, Bruce was gradually portrayed for what he had become, an unnecessary and an emasculated pretend father. Infamously, in 2015, on the cover of “Vanity Fair” magazine he was portrayed in a woman’s hairstyle wearing a woman’s white swimsuit under the title “Call Me Caitlyn.” This was his coming out party as, he claims, a woman.

That same year, 2015, in a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in Obergefell v. Hodges, “that the fundamental right to marry is guaranteed to same-sex couples by both the Due Process Clause and the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution.”

This is just nine years ago, but since that time our culture has gone over a cliff.

A Father has now morphed into a woman, men can marry men, women can marry women, and soon thereafter, they began adopting children, ostensibly “fathering” these innocent children in the context of immoral relationships.

But we know fathers matter, not only because God said so but we now know from watching our own culture’s decline:

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2020:

  • 7 million children (33%) in the United States live in fatherless homes.
  • Children living in fatherless homes have increased by 25% since 1960.
  • 6% of Black children lived with their mother only in 2021.
  • 85% of children with absent fathers get involved in crime.
  • 70% of children in fatherless homes have dropped out of high school. 
  • Children living in fatherless homes are 4 times more apt to live in poverty.
  • Girls raised in fatherless homes are 8 times more apt to become a teenage mother.
  • 85% of all children living without a father experience behavioral disorder.
  • 63% of Suicides Among Children and Teens Are from Fatherless Homes. 
  • Teenagers with positive and nurturing fathers are 80% less apt to go to prison.
  • Children with Involved Fathers Are 40% Less Apt to Repeat a Grade in School.
  • 75% of Minor Children Who Are Patients in Chemical Abuse Centers Came from Fatherless Homes. 
  • 70% of Runaways, Child Murderers, and Juvenile Delinquents Come from Fatherless Homes.

Children who grow up in fatherless homes are more likely to experience a variety of challenges, including:

  • Poverty
  • Crime
  • Educational problems
  • Dropping out of school
  • Teenage pregnancy
  • Incarceration as an adult

So the presence of a good father, especially a Christian father, in the home when kids are young is a crucial, divinely-appointed contribution to the protection, stability, and potential of that family.

Not everyone, as we’ve noted here, was blessed with the experience of a good father. But if that is your experience, remember that if you are a believer, you have a good Heavenly Father, one who walks beside you, is always there, always ready to hear and engage with you, one who has spoken in his Word if we but listen.

I am one who was blessed with not only a good father but good, present, and engaged grandfathers on both sides of my family. My grandfathers were Christian men, they were upstanding, and therefore they were an outstanding model for me.

My father was a quiet personality, one who led more by example than by leadership up front, though he did some of this too when he was called upon. 

One small remembrance. I do not know when this took place, but I was very young, and I witnessed my Dad, finding 2-3 abandoned kittens. Now I remember men who thought it was admirable to spout their dislike of cats. And they took it to the next level, regaling us kids with tales of what they did to these innocent animals. I do not remember those incidents with respect.

But back to Dad, I do remember him picking up those kittens, speaking gently to them, petting them carefully, and then taking steps to find them a safe home. Why I remember that I do not know, but I’m glad I do for it is a good example of Dad’s quality.

What did my father/grandfather give to me?

  1. Introduced me to faith in Christ and the Christian faith.
  2. Loved my Mother.
  3. Rock solid values.
  4. Faithful in church.
  5. Modeled incredible work ethic.
  6. Finished well.

They are all in heaven, and now the baton has passed. It’s my turn now. 


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And remember, it is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm.

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Does it feel like to you, an American citizen, that you are losing freedoms? Is the US setting aside freedoms we will not be able to restore?

Hi, I’m Rex Rogers and this is episode #153 of Discerning What Is Best, a podcast applying unchanging biblical principles in a rapidly changing world, and a Christian worldview to current issues and everyday life.


It seems to me that America, if not the West including Europe, is losing its freedoms at an exponential rate.

The free-fall of freedom has been in the works for most of my lifetime back into the 1960s but moved to warp speed just five years ago with the advent of COVID-19. This virus, no matter what its source, though even the mainstream media now admits it began in a lab in Wuhan, China, created an opportunity for government officials to seize power with one inane mandate after another, all in the name of public safety.

Now we know, and again even many mainstream media sources acknowledge, that masks accomplished very little, that vaccines were of limited utility, and keeping children home from months of schooling is a set-back they will endure for their generation. Most of these government mandates were unilaterally handed down from on high by executive powers: governors, state health officials, school boards, mayors, and more with limited or no actual constitutional authority to do so. Edicts were issued and the American public acquiesced.

They went farther. People were pushed to stay in their homes, churches were ordered – “ordered” I said – to not open, and when finally they did open, people were expected to sit in every-other-pew or not sing hymns or function only via online streaming. You’d be forgiven if you asked, whatever happened to the First Amendment?

But all this was only a spike in the curve of government overreach and the consequent loss of personal freedoms that has been our lot in the new millennia.

During COVID, we thought we saw the threshold of the violation of basic rights, but the pandemic was only a springboard. During the summer of 2020, the horribly named “Summer of love” that actually was a summer of Black Lives Matter riots and lawlessness in the wake of George Floyd’s death while in custody, then his subsequent deification by the Left and mainstream media.

Prosecutors stopped prosecuting, police became the enemy and were in many communities “defunded” followed since by significant drops in recruitment, coupled with significant increases in early retirements by law enforcement officers who have seen the writing on the wall – public officials no longer back them up, no longer hold the criminal accountable even as they seem to believe victims have no rights at all.

“Non-prosecuting rogue prosecutors” – an oxymoronic mouthful that really does describe reality – are destroying the American legal system, minority communities, and peace and tranquility in cities across the country—and with it our freedoms. We the citizens have elected these leftist ideologues to do their jobs enforcing the law, but they have independently decided to do what they think is best, which is nothing in the face of crime and violence.

Gun control advocates argue for removing all guns from society, even as criminals continue to acquire guns and use them against law-abiding citizens. Journalistic attacks on so-called “Assault rifles” have become a red herring masquerading as intelligent discussion about crime. Meanwhile, “an assault rifle is not really a thing. It’s a look.” It’s just a symbol of a lot of heated talk surrounding guns that does not address the real issues in the streets that result in more killings, like those, every weekend in Chicago.

Educrats in public education at all levels now think they know what’s best for children and youth. Certainly, parents are not to be trusted. No, schools promote a host of morally degraded woke practices: drag queen story hours for children under 7 years of age, affirmation of all manner of gender ideology, including keeping any changes of pronouns, names, or other transitioning hidden from parents, sex education that is anything but age-appropriate taught in Kindergarten, race division and distrust supposedly to advance something called “antiracism,” teachers promoting leftist political activism that is anti-Israel and often antisemitic or blame America philosophies that destroys students’ confidence, much less patriotism, for their own homeland.

Social media has been coopted by government. No crisis is too small for government to exploit and to expand its power. Print and online media have descended into depravity, no longer focusing upon the best and highest of cultural achievements but the most debauched, not simply reporting these developments but propagandizing them, not only propagandizing them but championing them to teenagers and children. A one-time “focus on beauty and health morphed into a constant running celebration of sexual excess and abortion, with frequent criticism of men tossed in for good measure.” 

Pride Month is ubiquitously visible during the month of June. It is pushed by government agencies, even the US Armed Forces, local police forces, public schools, hospitals, retail businesses, entertainers or politicians making virtue-signaling comments, and otherwise forced upon almost every American citizen. Yet Pride Month has no legal standing.

What we’ve seen, though, is people losing their jobs for expressing different views, law enforcement being further defunded for noncompliance, people being “canceled,” meaning shunned or suppressed because they chose not to fly a pride flag or put a pride sticker on equipment or helmet. To ostensibly promote the freedom and acceptance of an immoral minority of the population, the majority is losing its freedom to disagree.

All this is only a part of the tectonic philosophic shifts underway in American culture, moving rapidly from an understanding of and respect for the traditional Judeo-Christian moral consensus that made education, law and order, economic progress, and civil tranquility possible in the first place, the same morality that birthed Western Civilization, energized discovery and free enterprise, held Americans accountable to their wrongdoing in slavery, Jim Crow, and discrimination, liberated science and gave education purpose, reinforced the famed Protestant Work Ethic, these traditional, time-tested values and verities have not only been rejected, but they are also being suppressed.

In the name of doing what’s right in our own eyes, truth is rendered relative and stripped of its power. In the name of equality, something called equity, has displaced blind justice in favor of weighted, identity politics wherein there is no justice, only chaos. In the name of diversity, we often get mediocrity.

In the name of antiracism, high schools and universities going retrograde on integration to hold separate Black and White commencements. In the name of freedom, freedoms are being taken away. Perhaps George Orwell was even more prescient than we thought.

The moment you think it can’t get worse, it does. It’s like there is no bottom to this madness.

To test this conclusion, one only needs to pay attention to what’s happening in Canada. What was once a free country is now a socialist, government dominated, left-leaning society. Or you can look at what’s happening in European cities – Berlin, Brussels, Paris, London, and more – every week. Vast numbers of illegal aliens marching in the streets, destroying property, chanting about sharia law or antisemitism, demanding free goods and services on top of the ample amount they’ve already been awarded, tearing down the country’s flag and raising Hamas flags, engaging in crimes against persons, including rapes, and screaming obscenities or harassing passers-by. This in cities once known for their refinement and culture.

Now do we despair? No, for like the Apostle Paul in Athens on Areopagus, we note the culture around us: “What therefore you worship as unknown, this I proclaim to you. And (God) made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place, that they should seek God, and perhaps feel their way toward him and find him.” (Acts 17:23-28). 

God placed us in year 2024. He knows the challenges of our culture, the loss of freedoms, the zeitgeist of our age.

It is our privilege to know and to share that “where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom” (2 Cor 3:17). It is our privilege and responsibility to communicate “you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (Jn 8:32). It is our privilege to proclaim, “so if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed” (Jn 8:36).

There are three ways to turn this around:

  1. Ask God to send a spiritual awakening like he did in the 19th
  2. Vote out of office every radical, anti-God, anti-liberty politician and fire every bureaucrat who embraces the same.
  3. That “for freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm” (Gal. 5:1).


Well, we’ll see you again soon. This podcast is about Discerning What Is Best. If you find this thought-provoking and helpful, follow us on your favorite podcast platform. Download an episode for your friends. For more Christian commentary, check my website, r-e-x-m as in Martin, that’s 

And remember, it is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm.

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Why, and how is it possible, that decades-old and influential American institutions are now in the process of destroying themselves?

Hi, I’m Rex Rogers and this is episode #152 of Discerning What Is Best, a podcast applying unchanging biblical principles in a rapidly changing world, and a Christian worldview to current issues and everyday life.


Referring to institutions in the West and specifically in the United States, writer and scientist Alan Joseph Bauer recently noted, “One institution after another is destroying itself, its credibility, and its influence.” 

It’s like American institutions are on a bender, rapidly adopting wrong, injurious ideas and practices based upon evil values diametrically opposed to what America has stood for since its founding.

For example, “the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ordered Israel to stop its offensive in Rafah. Israel will not stop its offensive in Rafah…By demanding that Israel stop fighting a critical part of its campaign to destroy Hamas, the ICJ has shown that it cannot stop Israel and is a paper tiger.”

“This empty ICJ order is one more step in the decline of the post-war major institutions that for seventy years have played outsized roles in world affairs…the FBI and DoJ have beclowned themselves to the point where nobody believes them any longer.”

“What we are witnessing is the self-destruction of major institutions, national and international. The UN, through its billion-dollar (United Nations Relief and Works Agency or) UNRWA office, was an active part of Hamas’ activities in Gaza. Their staff and facilities provided Hamas with a large part of their manpower and infrastructure.”

“The universities have made complete fools of themselves. Professors, once highly respected scholars…run interference for their demented students. Those students, after four years and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent, don’t know which river to which sea, could not find Gaza on a map, and are completely clueless as to what actually happened on 10/7.”

Given the number of public-school boards now dominated by woke ideologues, the rabid commitment of public educators to LGBTQ and specifically trans activism, declining productivity in learning, increases in school violence and safety concerns, and curricula given over to critical race theory racism, and the indisputable fact that while universities tout diversity, equity, and inclusion, there is a decided lack of conservative voices, i.e. intellectual diversity, allowed on campus, the public is losing confidence in all levels of public education.

The medical profession, once sitting atop the totem pole of respect in American culture, is increasingly seen as a vast bureaucracy given over to dependency on government funding, overpriced medical insurance, declining scientific rigor in assessing disease, and increasing politicization seen in the COVID-19 and vaccination experience, the willingness to mutilate children in the name of trans affirmation, and an unhealthy inclination to prescribe addictive drugs.

Mainstream media lie about political matters and candidates every day, so much so that media has suffered enormous drops in credibility and for some, even viability, going out of business.

Social media, though it has grown in number of users, has declined in credibility. About 59% of American adults do not trust news on social media. Too many stories, with documentation, of Big Social Media intentionally peddling disinformation about C-19, masks, vaxxes; too many stories, with documentation, demonstrating how Big Social Media intentionally shut down conservative websites and accounts – most prominently when then-named Twitter discontinued Pres. Donald Trump’s account for what they said was a “risk of further incitement to violence” – and then evidence of Big Social Media liberal bias, anti-free speech policies, and arrogance all combined to reduce the public’s trust of social media.

“Hollywood used to be the source of American entertainment. Hollywood made the movies and later TV shows that kept Americans busy and entertained. Those days are mostly behind us. Today, movie studios insist on lecturing or looking down on the audience.” The studios seem to want to virtue signal by being the studio that speaks the loudest about an alphabet of sexual proclivities. One movie after another is going woke, then going brokeThis includes Disney, and this includes the video gaming industry.

The Trump trials are shredding what was left of respect for the criminal justice system. This follows the post-George Floyd riots of 2020, the so-called “Summer of love” featuring demonstrations laughably described in media coverage as “mostly peaceful” as fires raged behind the reporter, which destroyed billions of dollars of property, a significant portion belonging to minorities.

Then came the advent of what’s been called “rogue prosecutors,” which is to say, city, county, and state elected law enforcement officials who refuse to enforce the law. “Progressive” prosecutors sabotage the rule of law, raise crime rates, and ignore victims.”

They believe the entire criminal justice system is racist. It’s absurd, but they believe it.”

The U.S. military, once considered the greatest and best in world history, is becoming a pale reflection of itself, thanks largely to Biden Administration policies emphasizing DEI over preparedness. “Today's American military has fully embraced the social imperatives of the Left and the most progressive aspects of American society. The U.S. Air Force selects officers based on a race- and sex-based quota system for officer applicants—an affirmative action program that would make the Ivy League blush.”

Over-commitment to woke social goals, including vigorous promotion of trans ideology, alongside decreasing and under-commitment to patriotism, readiness, and excellence, has translated to the US military failing to meet its annual recruiting needs. Young Americans don’t see opportunity, patriotic pride, and esprit de corps but rather division, rancor in the ranks, absence of earned stature, and dead-end.

Churches, or religion, is also suffering a decline in credibility. Many churches are shooting themselves in the foot, going woke, then, like entertainment, inevitably, going broke. These churches think the way to save the world is not by sharing the Gospel but by blowing with whatever new wind is passing.

If it’s a new idea, if it is not traditional Christianity, it must be good, so let’s jump on that bandwagon. 

Climate change is one of those new winds blowing. Churches in Europe and now in the U.S. are drinking the Kool-Aid of this latest culture of death. Soon, the church offers nothing different from the world, for the church is the world.

American institutions are in decline. Actually, they are one by one committing suicide through their own, active efforts to advance ideas and values contrary to and directly undermining the historic ideals that made America strong in the first place.

Our culture now “believe(s) in an ever-evolving world where moral standards are not constant, not absolute, are to be defined by the individual (or government), where there is no God to provide a fixed, final answer for mankind’s reason for existence, for mankind’s hopes, for mankind’s guidance. We live in a world today where the zeitgeist is defined by Darwinian, Marxian, naturalistic, materialistic atheism—no God will save us, we must save ourselves. Our “god” thus becomes whatever each individual wants him (or her) to be. Everybody defines their own purpose for existence, their own carnal lifestyle, their own personal moral code.”

This all sounds so liberating, so nice to do what’s right in our own eyes with no one to whom we report or are held accountable.

It sounds like, at last, humanity has evolved to a level of self-sufficient pleasantry wherein life is one long bacchanalia.

Charles Darwin thought humanity would evolve without God. But we’re devolving. No God, no truth, no morality, no accountability equals no sense of purpose, progress, or hope – just meaninglessness, which human beings can’t endure so we strike out in anarchistic nihilism. Chaos. 

Look what’s happening in American and European cities, everyday in the streets. Look what’s happening to our social institutions.

You’ve heard it said that ideas have consequences. Embrace the wrong ideas and reap negative results.

America needs a spiritual awakening, and soon.


Well, we’ll see you again soon. This podcast is about Discerning What Is Best. If you find this thought-provoking and helpful, follow us on your favorite podcast platform. Download an episode for your friends. For more Christian commentary, check my website, r-e-x-m as in Martin, that’s  

And remember, it is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm.

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