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1-Why did Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth have to wear masks on Sun, NBC football coverage while Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, on Mon, Fox did not?

2-Why were 20,000+ fans allowed in the stadium for Alabama vs Georgia in Tuscaloosa Sat night, nearly 25,000 fans Mon for Cowboys and Cardinals in Dallas, about 6,000 for Steelers and Browns in Pittsburgh Sun, while in Buffalo tonight for Bills and Chiefs no fans were permitted in the stands?

3-How do so few, ie., No, fans cheer and boo so loudly?

4-What health logic requires officials and coaches to wear masks but allows 45 players on each team to play or stand on the sidelines without masks?

5-What health logic requires officials and coaches to wear masks but allows 45 players on each team to play or stand on the sidelines without masks?

6-Early on, we were told to trust WHO and CDC, and now we’re still being told by politicians we must continue to trust the scientists while extending lockdowns or other restrictions in some states, like no fans at games, yet WHO now says lockdowns were dangerous to health and CDC tells us this virus has a 95-99% survival rate, and this is for people who actually catch the virus? 

***People’s willingness, even seeming eagerness at times, to embrace or ignore the innumerable contradictions of this coronavirus experience continues to baffle me.


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If the pandemic mask mandates and lockdowns we’ve endured since March were ever really about science and public health, they are no more.

“Trust the experts or science,” we’re told, but which experts, what science, and why trust them at all if indeed mask mandates and lockdowns don’t accomplish much other virtue signaling or destroying economies?

Multiple, credible medical scientists and even now the WHO say lockdowns are not effective in stopping the spread of the Coronavirus and, on top of this, are creating other collateral damage like greater negative impact upon impoverished people.  

Scientists are saying, “’Coming from both the left and right, and around the world, we have devoted our careers to protecting people,’ said the declaration. ‘Current lockdown policies are producing devastating effects on short and long-term public health.’ They include ‘lower childhood vaccination rates, worsening cardiovascular disease outcomes, fewer cancer screenings and deteriorating mental health—leading to greater excess mortality in years to come.’”

‘Keeping these measures in place until a vaccine is available will cause irreparable damage, with the underprivileged disproportionately harmed.’”

Yet still, state governors like Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer and California’s Governor Gavin Newsom persist in introducing new draconian measures mandating statewide masks, even outdoors, keeping churches closed, and pushing schools to keep tens of thousands of students at home.

Gov. Whitmer’s 160 plus executive orders were tossed out by the Michigan State Supreme Court, which said her use of emergency powers was unconstitutional. She, of course, merely shifted her argument to other state laws and accused the court of partisanship. 

Gov. Newsome’s latest attempt to play doctor occurred last week when his office tweeted a reminder to those going out to dinner to “keep your mask on in between bites.”

WHO weighed-in, finally, stating, “We in the World Health Organization do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus.” To say this is late to the party is an understatement.

There is no end in sight to governors and mayors acting as health czars, unless the presidential election brings a change.  First, masks, stay at home, and lockdowns were necessary to “flatten the curve.” Then these measures would “save lives.” Then it was “until there is a vaccine.” Then it was no longer just C-19 but “flu season,” meaning any rationale will do. Meanwhile, doctors worldwide are recording more deaths due to lockdowns than to the virus.

The economic impact of the unnecessary lockdowns has been devastating. “About 60 percent of US businesses closed since the beginning of March will never again reopen.” 

Many of the consequences listed here will take years to analyze and document, but we’ve seen glimpses of more immediate unintended consequences already: rampant suicidesurging drug overdoses, increases in domestic violence, economic destruction, and many others.

None of these consequences were intended when lawmakers passed sweeping lockdowns, but that does not make them less real. Nor do pure intentions absolve lawmakers of responsibility.

The famed economist Milton Friedman once observed that perhaps the greatest threat to liberty comes ‘from men of good intentions and good will who wish to reform us.’

In this case, the well-intentioned seek not to reform us but to protect us. But as Friedman noted, ‘concentrated power is not rendered harmless by the good intentions of those who create it.’” 

The problems with mask mandates and pandemic lockdowns now form a long list. Yet political leaders continue to argue vigorously and at times self-righteously that this show—their show—must go on. Why?

  1. Trust the science – but scientists and medical professionals are not in agreement, and many now argue against masks and lockdowns. Yet political leaders and much of mainstream media ignore this.
  2. Mask and lockdowns do not work – they have not actually stopped the spread of the virus, have not appreciably reduced infection or death rates, and do not accomplish what proponents claim with religious fervor.
  3. Mask mandates and lockdowns are arguably not needed for a virus, that is yes deadly for some, still moving through populations with a 95-99% survival rate.
  4. Lockdowns are destroying businesses, peoples’ livelihoods, entire economies, and they are creating other negative social and health side-effects, confounding variables, and unintended consequences like increased suicides and greater mortality due to lack of medical care.
  5. Lockdown restrictions may be more about partisan advantage than public health. 
  6. Lockdowns are in numerous instances unconstitutional and have violated Americans’ civil liberties. 
  7. Lockdowns and the mentality they create are a threat long-term to political liberty.

Masks and lockdowns don’t work, cause other problems, may be leveraged in biased ways, and are a threat to liberty, so I strongly recommend states and localities stop the lockdowns now. 

No more cherry-picking scientific data to reinforce one’s biases. 

No more mask mandates, just people with information using common sense to care for their own health and that of others.

No more closed businesses and fines, just businesses functioning in a free economy.

No more political leaders acting like public health czars to further their careers or party politics.

No more planned economies, just American people acting freely in the best interests of themselves, their families, and communities.


© Rex M. Rogers – All Rights Reserved, 2020    

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Governors have never met an Executive Order they don’t like. Now they’re using the word “indefinitely” on the end of mask mandates, lockdown restrictions, and social distancing requirements.

Mayors, public health officials, and several city councils have done the same. 

34 states now have statewide mask mandates in effect, including Republican strongholds like Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas. Of the holdouts, many are less populated rural ones, although there are notable exceptions. Arizona, Florida, and Georgia have all resisted statewide mandates thus far despite suffering sizable outbreaks, although in AZ and TX the governor has allowed local jurisdictions to issue their own orders, which means many state residents are under a mask mandate anyway. And in Georgia it looks like Brian Kemp is about to drop his lawsuit to prevent cities from issuing mandates, so lots of state residents there should soon be under orders to wear one as well…86 percent of Americans are now wearing masks indoors around other people according to Gallup.”

Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer adopted a different take on “indefinitely,” expanding her power by declaring racism a “public health crisis,” meaning she is now free to use state emergency powers to engage in whatever limitless meddling she wishes to force state employees and perhaps citizens to do her bidding du jour. 

Tyranny, what some call “corona fascism,” comes in many forms and apparently in the United States today its best suit is “public health.” It goes like this. 

  • Identify a virus, 
  • Scare the public via hysterical media, 
  • Opportunistic politicians then issue draconian executive public health orders qua restrictions, shutting down the economy and increasingly everyday life, 
  • Keep changing the goalposts: flatten the curve, have enough beds in hospitals, avoid a second spike, until we get a vaccine, till everyone is safe, so that state and local officials continue to have a reason, in their view, to issue “orders,’
  • Use chaos created by race riots to advance governmental power and control, not over the rioters but over citizens, 
  • Point to science constantly but then ignore science or any consistency by approving, even encouraging, protests for “racial justice” even while continuing to restrict houses of worship, businesses, and more.
  • Insert the word “Indefinitely” to assure the government executive stays “in charge.”

Sports, fairs, concerts, and other public events have now been cancelled well into 2021. Schools and universities are in a condemned if you do, condemned if you don’t scenario with students caught in the middle. 

Ambiguity not confidence is the watchword for our economy if not ever day life.

Meanwhile, we’ve yet to hear reasonable explanations:

  • why COVID-19 is worse and more threatening than a host of other viruses and illnesses that continue to infect people,
  • why lockdowns and cancellations must continue if indeed wearing masks and social distancing are effective, or vice versa,
  • why unilateral actions re COVID-19 somehow do not create a host of collateral damage, some more serious than the virus threat,
  • what the real endgame looks like, other than “Indefinitely.”

Fear is not a worthy substitute for Freedom.  Lockdowns should cease, schools should reopen, sports seasons should be rescheduled, and people should get on with their lives.

Ronald Reagan said, “Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.”  I agree, wholeheartedly.  


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Bill Maher is not my Go-To guy, and I probably disagree with 90% of his views, especially his anti-religious worldview (He says he believes "in a force" but not religious "bureaucracy"), but his commitment to freedom of speech and open discussion is now rare on the Left, as is the point expressed here. In this 2:03 min video he speaks more common sense than I've heard from politicians, Left or Right, in three months. But he gives God no credit for the human immune system.

I still think it's interesting that Maher, Jerry Seinfeld, and Chris Rock all stopped taking public university gigs because in this era of political correctness and self-righteous "silencing" of all with whom one disagrees the university students, faculty, and administrations couldn't handle their (free speech, crude, over-the-edge) jokes...and these guys are capital L Left. No wonder Condi Rice and a few like her also gave up on most university gigs, or I should say universities cancelled or stopped inviting anyone deemed potentially "offensive."

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When the COVID-19 statewide stay at home, shelter in place, lockdowns finally end there will be a Post-Pandemic Period. No one knows for sure what this period will be like, but it’s not rocket science to predict a few guarantee-you developments.

1— Economic Upheaval. The longer the lockdowns, or if you prefer, stay at home executive orders, continue the more damage will be done to the American and world economies. Many businesses and other organizations will not survive. More than 30 million are out of work now and this may rise – unemployment is now a major problem. Perhaps one-half of all lost jobs will not return, at least in their earlier form. Some people—the lower sector or poorest or least educated or most challenged—will suffer most, some falling farther into poverty, hunger, and despair. Without significant focused help, similar to the Marshall Plan after WWII, these people will struggle to survive and social-political unrest, including likely violence, will occur.

2—Lawsuits. The US courts will be inundated, which is to say “plagued,” by post-plague litigation, owners who were forced to close “non-essential” businesses for extended periods, suffered serious financial setbacks or even lost their businesses, while other “essential” businesses were illogically and irrationally permitted to continue to make hay while the sun did not shine.

For example, what if you owned a mattress store, were forced to close, yet Sam’s Club continued to sell mattresses? Does this make sense? Is it a level playing field? Is it due process?

What if you owned a medical practice specializing in various “elective, non-essential” surgical procedures, were forced to close, and could not financially maintain your employees or customers during lockdown? Meanwhile, “essential” abortion clinics continued to operate. The list of examples could go on ad infinitum.

3—Political Recrimination. Both American political parties will blame the other, and their respective leaders, for the fact COVID-19 happened, that the US was not prepared or did not respond effectively, that the condition of the economy is due to the other party’s leaders’ missteps, and that whatever happened, their party and leaders need to be put in power via the next election. No surprise here and perhaps goes without saying, but sadly, there will be no Kumbaya unity. 

4—Higher Education OnlineSome colleges and universities, already struggling or uncertain of their mission pre-pandemic, will close their doors. More students than ever before will pursue and gain their degrees online. This won’t replace the value of face-to-face experiences with learned mentors, but such opportunities will diminish. The purpose of higher education will shift, moving still farther from the classic liberal arts model toward preparation for specialized careers in science, technology, information services, and business. Universities will experience an identity crisis; in fact, they already were well into this malaise. What once were places that believed in and sought truth and tested ideas against other ideas in legitimate open debate, have become places that no longer believe in objective truth and wish to silence points of view not deemed politically correct. This is a dangerous trend for open and free democratic society, but it’s happening and a host of faculty members not just youth have already bought into the idea of moral relativism, thus as the Scripture says, “Everyone did what was right in his own eyes” (Judges 17:6). This sounds like fun and games, but it ends in nihilistic despair. 

Post-Pandemic is not a bright future.


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Christians should be “optimistic realists.” Realists because we understand what it is to live in a fallen world. Optimistic because we know the Sovereign God and his purposes.

During a pandemic, we realistically take preventative measures and act as good stewards of others. We optimistically trust God and get on with our life, living in hope. 

We know all things work together for good who know and trust the Lord. We know the end of the story, his-story. Optimistic realism then becomes a key part of our testimony to the world.


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