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I may as well weigh-in now. I recently got a C-19 vaccine...of my own free will.
That said, I could not be more thoroughly opposed to the idea of a "vaccine passport." Such a doc or app, suddenly required for access for all manner of activities, would restrict Americans' everyday liberties. The potential for abuse of such a mechanism boggles the mind.
And while we're at it, the idea the federal government would create a tax that must be paid by those who opt not to get a vaccine is another abuse of power.
C-19 is a virulent virus. The pandemic should be, and it has been, taken seriously, and thankfully progress is being made. But C-19 is one health issue among many that threatens life. It should not be viewed or used--and it has been--as some ultimate big stick that trumps all other considerations, especially fundamental civil liberties in a free society.

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