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  “Trust the science,” we’re told, re climate change, COVID-19.

    OK, trust the science...

    —abortion kills innocent life.

    —unwanted, botched-abortion, born alive babies are human beings.

    —human beings actually are binary, male or female.

    —intelligent design is a demonstrable concept in nature.

    —feelings and wishes don't change objective reality, meaning e.g. one could "identify" as a Klingon but not actually become one.

"The science is settled," we're told, on a host of issues in which science has been ideologically weaponized.

But the history of science is that it is never “settled,” at least not in terms of the need for free inquiry and continued exploration and research. This is how we learn, and in this world, we all see through a glass darkly. This includes creation vs evolution, fracking, and more.


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