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In this inaugural web log I cast my vote for full disclosure. I am a “Christian,” a follower of Jesus Christ and, insofar as I am able, a proponent of a biblical worldview. This value system is how I interpret culture and the world in which I live. Affirming a biblical worldview liberates me to some extent from ideology and partisanship. I tend to be conservative—with a little “c”—on some things, while “moderate” or even “liberal” on others, whatever my understanding of a biblical worldview leads me to conclude on a particular issue.

While I may be conservative, I try to avoid doctrinaire Conservatism. While I may at times worship in a given denomination, I try to avoid denominationalism. While I may vote for Republicans or Democrats, I am more a proponent of the republic than Republicans, democracy than Democrats. I may support a party, but I generally don’t want to be driven by sheer partisanship.

That’s the beauty of a biblical worldview, of trying to live and think as Jesus would have me live and think—as he would live and think if he walked among us today. A biblical worldview critiques all of life. It calls to account all human thought and production. It compels me to keep learning and to keep applying my understanding of God’s unchanging revealed will in this rapidly changing world.

By God’s grace I want to live out my faith with good works that influence the world, maybe even transform it.


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