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SAT-7 is non-partisan and nonpolitical. 

SAT-7 is not a political organization, does not promote any political policy, party, figure, or ideology, and refrains from political associations.

The ministry focuses upon sharing the Gospel and Christian teaching with all people, including children, in the Middle East and North Africa.

Yet, SAT-7 recognizes that the Word of God speaks to social issues, so the ministry applies a Christian worldview and biblical values to issues like peace, religious freedom, and biblical human rights for women, children and all individuals. SAT-7 rejects religious conflict and promotes justice, education, social and economic development. 

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He is the Light of the world that transcends all borders, tribes, religions, and ideologies. 

This, not politics, is SAT-7’s message of reconciliation and hope.

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