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SAT-7 employs satellite television and social media to broadcast hope in Arabic, Farsi, and Turkish in the Middle East and North Africa. SAT-7 affirms a “culturally sensitive” approach to ministry.

Cultural sensitivity means SAT-7 shares Christian teaching with viewers from diverse cultural, ethnic, political, and religious backgrounds, in a manner that demonstrates understanding, respect, and love. 

SAT-7 does not broadcast from other regions using non-Middle Eastern faces or languages. It is based among the people it is serving. SAT-7 produces programming in the Middle East by Middle Easterners for Middle Easterners. 

Culturally sensitive ministry broadcasts in a way that enables the peoples of the Middle East and North Africa to hear, understand, and grasp the essentials of the Christian faith for themselves.

SAT-7 is culturally sensitive, building relational bridges, speaking the truth in love.


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