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SAT-7, the largest Christian satellite broadcasting network in the Middle East and North Africa, often speaks of its “holistic” ministry.

Holistic means we believe our Christian faith requires us to actively care for the whole person: spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual, social. 

Yes, SAT-7 regularly shares the Gospel, the Good News of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

In addition, SAT-7 works to bless people in their everyday circumstances.

Programs address building marriages, nurturing children, adoption, women’s issues, substance abuse, freedom of religion and human rights, employment training. Other programs address children and youth issues like trauma healing, bullying, dating.

With some 15 million children out of school in the Middle East due to conflict or crisis, SAT-7 ACADEMY produces educational programs offering instruction in English, Arabic, Mathematics, and the Sciences.

Social concern is a means of loving our neighbors and demonstrating the Gospel.

SAT-7’s ministry is holistic, teaching the “whole counsel of God” for the whole person.


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