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Since 2016, I have studiously avoided partisan commentary on social media. I still think this is the way to go because neither political party or their leaders deserve unquestioned loyalty.
Still, I’ve made comments about political developments, trying to point to first principles or time-tested ideals or the essentials of a healthy constitutional republic, not the least of which includes the First Amendment. This was especially the case during the pandemic when I watched overweening government and Big Tech, Big Media take steps I never thought I’d see in this country, undermining one fundamental American liberty after another in the name of security, safety, and truth be told, power. It's still happening.
I’ve made references from time to time to the Left or leftists or progressives or secular progressives, but even here I’ve tried not to make my comments a screed about “those people,” attempting to acknowledge the plank in my eye or conservatives’ eyes, even as I rail on the speck in the Lefts’ eyes.
I’m writing this now, though, to say I no longer find this attempt at neutrality tenable. Or put another way, neutrality is no longer possible, or advisable or wise. The stakes are too high. We are fighting a spiritual battle, one that politics per se cannot fix.
The ideological shift, worldview (values) battles, and outright revolutionary rejection propagated by elites in media, politics, business, entertainment, even sports and religion—at warp speed—is turning this country upside down. And I sincerely believe the most basic human rights enshrined in the founding documents of this country and Western Civilization generally are under severe attack. So is Judeo-Christian morality, religion, and certainly the Bible itself.
So, I no longer can remain neutral. Lord willing, I intend to speak specifically, to give an answer to everyone who asks, to give the reason for the hope that I have, hopefully with gentleness and respect.
Not classical liberals, but the secular progressive left is not simply offering political alternatives. It is promoting lies, and at this I can no longer wink.


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