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Things I pray for that may not be God’s will:

  • COVID-19 to end worldwide, now.
  • Social unrest, including in the US, to cease.
  • Polarization in culture to give way to productive consensus.
  • Authoritarian regimes to fall to democratic movements.
  • Religious liberty for everyone in the world.
  • No more wildfires, hurricanes, or other “bad weather.”
  • Abortion policy reversed; abortions reduced then eliminated.

That last one was the hardest one for me to write. 

The point here is not me suggesting God does not care or that He blesses such travail, but that the Sovereign God is in charge, that accidents or surprises don’t happen in the divine economy, that He works His purposes in spite of and through adversity and evil. 

So, I pray for His providential wisdom, His will, His mercy and grace.


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