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Deep Thoughts
1. When you hear, “Trust the science” or “the science is settled” is this truth or propaganda?
2. How is it science must be trusted re climate change or vaccines but must be ignored re biological sex?
3. Does it make sense that globalist elites, who wish to control climate change, ostensibly preserving the world for future generations, are now calling for the reduction of the world’s population in order to advance climate goals?
4. And why would globalists call for reduction in populations in EU countries or the U.S. or Canada or even China and Japan wherein every country’s birth replacement rate is insufficient to maintain a healthy population?
5. Is peace at any price desirable, or morally defensible? Are you sure?
6. Is peace simply the cessation of violence?
7. Is it true that violence always breeds more violence, or is violence sometimes the only remedy to stopping violence?
8. If trans women are really women why do they keep calling themselves trans women?
9. What matters more in the crucible of life, one’s immutable biological sex or one’s pronouns du jour?
10. If the USA is the objectionable heritage, culture, and country that progressive, leftist social justice ideologues say that it is, why do thousands of illegal immigrants-undocumenteds-migrants want to live in America?

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