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I’m sometimes asked if I’m concerned about the future of our country. Yes.

The question implies the barbarians are at the gate. But therein is the problem.

The barbarians are already inside, influencing culture: education, media, entertainment, sports, business, medicine, law, politics.

Abortion continues, not as “safe, legal, and rare,” but as abortion on demand.

The new gender ideology, brooking no disagreement, is now propagated at all levels of education. Children are encouraged to question their biological sex.

“Diversity, inclusion, and equity” is now the measure of all things, meaning everything is racialized—National Anthem, missing persons cases, everything.

Group identity is more determining than individual choice.

Politics is an exercise in toxicity, anything to stay in power.

Elected officials declare they either will not enforce the law or will violate it to achieve their political ends.

Proponents of this new radicalism aren’t debating different ways to enhance American ideals. They are rejecting them.

They think they can discard foundational ideals, e.g., natural law, individual responsibility, “male and female created he them,” objective truth, which made free Western civilization possible, and still have a free society. 

But what you get is not freedom but barbarians and decline.

So what do we do? "Stand firm. Let nothing move you."

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