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If I had 3 wishes, I’d wish...

...that politicians rise to the occasion as Statesmen/women jettisoning partisanship and personal aggrandizement in favor of patriotic civic ideals, 

...that the rule of law based on the US Constitution and Bill of Rights would be respected above all else, including the interests of any politician,

...that reason would replace rancor.

Whatever you think of President Trump, or for that matter VP Mike Pence, you should be glad for and praying for Mike Pence this week. With Mr. Trump's expected absence from the Inauguration Jan 20, Mr. Pence becomes the titular head of the outgoing Administration. His presence at the inaugural, thankfully welcomed by President-elect Joe Biden, is a symbol of the blessings of a free constitutional republic, important to a peaceful transition of power, and a personal statement toward dialing down heated rhetoric and actions. 

Of course, Pence and Biden hold different political views and no doubt will debate in the future, but on this day, this is secondary to the well-being of American democracy.

And pray for the safety not only of participants in the Inauguration but also thousands of National Guard, federal, and local agency personnel.

Finally, pray the entire day comes off without incidents.


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