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Our culture says:

-a baby is not a baby if the mother does not want it,

-there’s your truth and my truth but not objective truth,

-debt is inconsequential,

-a girl can be a boy, or a boy can be a girl,

-race determines all things,

-religious conviction is just an excuse for irrational bigotry,

-education is not about independence but indoctrination,

-patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels,

-equity-sameness of results-supersedes equality of opportunity,

-criminal felons are “justice-involved persons,"

-parolees are “persons under supervision,”

-pedophiles are “minor-attracted persons,”

-fear is the new normal of forever pandemics,

-ideologies should replace religion,

-we're a nation not of individuals but groups, oppressors vs. victims.

But hey, I don’t believe any of this.


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