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“Cancel culture” is not a myth. It’s been happening weekly for months on university campuses and in some corporations, a new kind of social authoritarianism that can’t abide ideas or even people with which it disagrees, so abandoning free speech by “silencing” is its death penalty. 

The Left (not Liberalism and not Democrats or Republicans per se) is propounding a cultural revolution based on a worldview that contradicts and opposes Christianity, which means much of American history and its ideals. The build-up for this reaches back into the 1960s, but the outright cultural coup of 2020 has been unbelievably swift, solidifying earlier gains by capturing academia, media, corporations, and, sadly, many in religion who trade doctrine for “cultural relevance.”

This is not what our soldiers n sailors fought n died for in yesteryear’s wars. This is an attack on America’s most basic, defining character. 

Pray those in political leadership discern between policy that reinforces liberty and justice for all versus policy that is about power and pandering the few.


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