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A democratic republic cannot survive without aspirational, consensus ideals, comity, law and order, and social cohesion. What we've seen in America in the last few months, 1) in the throes of virus, 2) in the turbulence of unrest, is not simply infliction but insurgence.

Peaceful protest toward desired social change is a productive thing, a blessing of a free society. Mobocracy, enabled by elected officials, toward the boogieman du jour is a destructive thing, a scourge of a free society.

The cold coup d'etat some have attempted is dangerous in the extreme--to life, liberty, justice, truth, patriotism--something that can become hot with a flashpoint at any time.

What makes the USA is not beautiful topography but time-tested political ideals as enshrined in a constitutional system that has worked, however imperfectly at times, for more than 200 years.

No matter who is elected Nov 3, many will not simply be unhappy but inconsolable. This is the kind of flashpoint that concerns me. I don't want to live in a banana republic.


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