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1-If you question the science of climate change, you’re a “climate change denier,” a new category of unbeliever considered ignorant, even dangerous.

2-If you wonder about biased coronavirus data and the now extensive number of medical scientists who reject mask mandates, economic lockdowns, school shuttering, i.e. America Full Stop, you don’t care about people dying, you’re selfish, you’re the enemy.

3-If you point out that rioters, looters, arsonists, anarchists (who are mostly white) are using race to advance their goals to destroy (including minority-owned) property, capitalism, and the American system that provides more freedom than any country in the history of the world, you don’t care about George Floyd and you support “stormtroopers” and Gestapo tactics.

4-If you support the Second Amendment or question the wisdom of gun control, you’re a militia freako.

5-If you say athletes should be able to stand for the National Anthem, i.e. his/her freedom of speech (a while ago we debated one guy kneeling; now we’re debating one standing), you’re insensitive and white privileged like Drew Brees and just don’t get it.

6-If you want to review factual police shooting data, look at real numbers rather than a narrative, or examine Black on Black killings in Chicago, you don’t care about police brutality.

7-If you point to the whole of human history as to why you think “Defund the Police” is the most irrational idea ever to gain traction, you are anti-Black.

8-If you express a Judeo-Christian moral perspective, thus rejecting the idea boys-who-identify-as-female being allowed to participate in girls’ high school sports competition (see Connecticut), you are a hater and a bigot.

9-If you question the legitimacy of public funds being used to paint “Black Lives Matter” on public streets, or really any political message, you are a victim of white fragility and a racist by definition because “everyone is racist.”

10-If you just aren’t the politically emotive type, don’t like social-political discussions, and want to live your life focused on your interests, your “Silence is violence,” which is to say you don’t care about racial injustice.

There is now no unbiased science, no free inquiry, no way for the best ideas to rise to the top based on their merits. Everything is now “trumped,” no pun intended, by politics.


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