Two New eBooks at Amazon Kindle!

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I'm still learning the ebook world. It's quite simple yet complex, the latter due to competing businesses like Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. who've created their own non-compatible formats and readers.

For Readers:

Ebook formatting and related matters are in major flux and, like most technology, are converging. This means that as more consumers want ebooks, become savvy in their use and applications, and want to access ebooks on their device, not necessarily the one the ebook company is promoting, companies respond. As they respond, ebook technology tends to converge, moving toward one-stop-shopping.

Plus, "somebody's going to win," just like VHS long ago won out over Betamax video tapes, and just like 8Tracks gave way to cassettes that gave way to CDs that are giving way to wireless on demand downloads. In the ebook world, ePub is becoming more widely used and may emerge as the industry-standard. If so, move over other formats, you’re going the way of Betamax.

So, the popular Amazon Kindle leans toward Mobi files. Adobe Digital Editions, Apple’s iBooks, and Barnes & Noble’s Nook work best with ePub files. But there is a host of new e-reader software available—most downloadable for free, and there are also a great number of “converter software” packages out there making it possible for you to switch from one format to another.

One of the more powerful and free software e-readers is Calibre: I downloaded Calibre on my Mac and like it. Calibre seems to be able to access ePub or Mobi and a lot of others. Plus it offers you other conversion functions if you need it for your device.

For Authors:

I’ve paid a knowledgeable friend to take two of my books and convert the Word documents to ePub and Mobi. In the meantime, I learned how to acquire an ISBN number and upload the books to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. So both books, “Living for God in Changing Times,” and co-authored with Rick E. Amidon “Today You Do Greatness: A Parable on Success and Significance,” are available via

Now I’m learning how to help friends access these books with their varying e-reader software downloads via their laptops or iPads, or with their varying e-readers like Nook or Kindle. It’s been challenging but fun.

I have more to learn about ebooks, especially on the author side. For one, since I’m not only author but publisher, I can upload my books not just to but to other distributors too. That comes next.

For E-Reader Newbies:

If you haven’t tried any of this yet and wish to, do this:

1 – Google Adobe Digital Editions, Kindle, or Calibre, depending upon your preference.

2 – Go to the site of choice and click the free download appropriate for your computer.

3 – Once installed, open your new e-reader software and follow steps instructing you how to set up an account (name I.D.—email address, password, and billing information).

4 – Use your new e-reader account to purchase (or acquire free) ebooks from, Barnes & Noble, and many more booksellers.

5 – Open the ebook in your e-reader and begin your e-reading experience.

Happy e-reading.


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