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Luck is something that's interested me for a long time. Is luck real? Is there such a thing as "fate" that engages our lives in seemingly arbitrary ways, giving us good luck or bad luck?

If I'm on the receiving end of good luck, how'd I get so lucky? If I'm the victim of bad luck, why? If the world we live in is that fickle and perhaps capricious do we really want to bring children into it? What is good and bad luck anyway? And how does the idea of luck align with the idea of the Sovereign God?

If you're loved one is in a hospital bed facing a serious, life-threatening illness, is it comforting to hear your pastor say, "I guess you're just unlucky"?

When Christians say they got lucky I'm even more perplexed. What really do they mean?

In my book, indeed in The Good Book, Christians are never lucky.

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