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SAT-7 KIDS just launched a new website for Arab children who watch the SAT-7 KIDS satellite television channel. The new website,, will provide ways for youthful viewers to interact with their favorite programs and characters and learn more about how God loves and cares for them. 

The new SAT-7 KIDS website is especially designed for children's eyes. It features attractive colors and graphics, speaking images, and sound-backed icons. There's also a special page for parents. In addition, the website is available in both Arabic and English.

SAT-7 KIDS is also posting more and more videos to its YouTube channel, SAT7KIDS. Unlike the regional coverage of satellite television, young Arabic language viewers may access this Internet-based channel from anywhere in the world.

A recent independent media survey indicated far more older youth and adult viewers were watching SAT-7 KIDS than was earlier believed. The channel is influential in teaching biblical principles, sharing the Christian faith, teaching children about science, geography, history, and culture, and providing a safe and positive media environment.

On air beginning December 2007, SAT-7 KIDS is the only 24 hour/7 day per week Arabic language Christian television channel for children (ages 4-13) in the world. It is one of five chanels produced and operated by SAT-7, which broadcasts throughout 22 countries in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as some 50 countries in Europe. SAT-7 maintians a US support office at 

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