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Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Jordon, Bahrain, Morocco, Libya—across North Africa and the Middle East protesters are demonstrating at risk of their lives for one thing: freedom.

It’s true, stagnant economies, unemployment, and frustration with lack of opportunities or social progress motivate protesters. But make no mistake, decades of suppression, rule by dictators, and extensive corruption created a roiling critical mass that’s finally exploded. Freedom is protesters’ ultimate goal.

Given the magnitude and intensity of the historic social unrest we’re witnessing, however the conflict is resolved, the region is changed forever. How it will change is the exciting and concerning question.

Until now, people both within and without the region thought that dominant and traditional religion could not function in modern society. And there were good reasons for this respected point of view. Yet the forces for freedom we’re witnessing have not come from religious ideology. Nor are those who are resisting change representing religious ideology.

Instead, protests and pitched street battles have taken place between those for freedom and those for control. Meanwhile, several encouraging incidents have been reported wherein Christians, Muslims, and the non-religious acted in concert to protect one another. These revolutions are not about religious positioning but power politics.

Of course, we should take care not to romanticize every protester as a freedom fighter who knows no guile. Unfortunately, some agitate for other less noble agendas. But so far, the general thrust of these revolutions has been toward freedom. The equally difficult work of establishing justice for all will come later.

Human craving for freedom is part of our DNA. It was placed there at Creation when the human race was made in the “image of God” (Genesis 1:26-27). We were granted life, liberty, moral capacity, reason, personality, talent, and eternal value. Each individual matters. We are, each of us, irrespective of race, color, ethnicity, or gender, “somebody.” So no enslaving or oppressive rulers, regimes, or religions are legitimate in the eyes of God.

Because the human race is tainted by evil, freedom is always born and nurtured with a price. It costs blood and treasure. Since January, our Mediterranean neighbors have been paying that price.

Many protesters in the Middle East and North Africa have by their actions said, “we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.” I wish them well. Here’s hoping the revolutions in the Middle East will ultimately be as successful in terms of freedom as the one declared in 1776.


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