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It can’t get much more spiritually strategic than the Middle East. The birthplace of civilization and Christianity, the central player in the biblical prophecy of the end times, the Middle East is in the news every day.

Sure, every human being and therefore every region in which they live are important to the Lord. This we know is sound biblical theology. But the Middle East is different, special, and significant in God’s plan.

This is why SAT-7, a Middle East Christian satellite television ministry, broadcasts throughout the region around the clock in Arabic, Farsi, and Turkish.

It is a region dominated by religion, rulers, and regimes, resulting in some of the most closed countries of the world. Yet there is great spiritual opportunity.

500+ million people, 1 million added every month, some 100 million under the age of 15, 60% under the age of 25, the Middle East is growing younger by the minute. This is the now-and-future door the Lord is opening.

Young people, by definition, think new thoughts, forge their own way, want to be different from the generation before them. Youth throughout the Middle East are weary of unemployment, lack of access to economic opportunities, restrictive social codes, oppressive government and religion. They are seeking.

Every day, SAT-7 KIDS, the only channel like it in the world, beams Christian principles and teaching and lifestyle to Arabic youth in the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe. SAT-7 KIDS portrays and offers a different way, actually, what Scripture calls the Way.

While the Church, churches, Christianity, and Christians are under great pressure in the Middle East, yet there is hope in Christ.

I work with SAT-7 because I believe in its vision and mission. Satellite television is accessible to most, cannot be censored, and is a perfect technological tool for reaching a population in which more than 50% are functionally illiterate. Those who could not read a verse of the Bible if you could get one to them can, nevertheless, watch and listen to Christian television. SAT-7 brings together technology, theology, and timeliness in a manner that opens doors to hearts.

I do not know if the Lord will send a revival to the Middle East in my lifetime, but I do believe he will do so. The kids are open.

"Look at the nations and watch, and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told” Habakkuk 1:5.


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