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I'm not a hunter. However, I am against unnecessary government regulation. Hunting without baiting involves a rifle, ammunition, trail cameras, portable food and water, scent-blocking clothing, night vision, a vehicle to get to the hunting spot, GPS, maps, and a number of other types of assistance. The sport of hunting pits man against animal. Part of man is his brain and his productive resources. Bait is part of that. The point at which "hunting" becomes "unfair" or "unbalanced" is subjective. I personally hold the opinion that all of the advantages listed above make hunting non-competitive, which is why I don't hunt. And some others will not use GPS. Some won't use scent-blocking suits. Some won't use trail cameras. Again, the line is subjective. To legislate where that line should be is over-legislation and an unnecessary infringement upon natural freedom. All of the other opinions ("natural resource scientists", "environmentalists or conservationists" and "most hunters") can be held and acted upon by those who hold the opinion, but should not be forced on anyone else.