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Deep thoughts Saturday afternoon:
1-Politics is not what’s most important in life, yet politics can be constructive or destructive to individual and social well-being.
2-Political parties are useful, but like denominations, party labels matter less than what proponents actually believe.
3-Ideology, Left-Liberal-Moderate-Conservative-Right, is now more socially influential than partisanship.
4-Left and Liberal are not synonymous, nor are Conservative and Right, but four distinct, diverging political philosophies.
5-The Bible is not a political handbook but speaks to foundational issues that find expression in politics, e.g., created order; origin and purpose of life; liberty; good and evil; work and property; family; sexuality.
6-American society and politics are not secular, meaning irreligious, but postmodern DIY religious with no moral calculus but feelings, meaning doing what’s right in your own eyes.
7-I am blessed with political liberty by virtue of my birthright. Like most Americans, I did nothing to earn it. God forbid that I would ever take it for granted.

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