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A host of Wanna-Be-President politicians have declared their candidacy or are expected soon to do so. We don’t know which one will ultimately become their party’s 2012 nominee, but I suggest that the candidates will have a better shot at maintaining (Democrat) or getting (Republican) the nod if they observe these commandments:

1—Thou shalt not claim religious commitment for the sake of poll numbers.

2—Thou shalt not commit adultery, have affairs, hook-up, etc.

3—Thou shalt not mention, much less affirm or encourage, “birther” or “truther” conspiracy theories.

4—Thou shalt not ignore the national debt or the budget deficit.

5—Thou shalt not attack political rivals, Americans all, using vitriolic, vehement, vituperative, vicious, vulgar, or otherwise vile language.

6—Thou shalt not lie.

7—Thou shalt not steal.

8—Thou shalt not use double-talk to avoid answering questions.

9—Honor your father and your mother and every other elder.

10—Thou shalt not equate your political views with The Christian way of doing things.

There’s more, but this is a start. If candidates would just do this much, actually demonstrate that character is not dead, both candidates and the electorate would be the better for it.


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