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This 1:41 min video considers state governors' calls for churches to close their doors in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. This is my take produced by Manna Media.

Should churches, despite the requests of governors, remain open during a public health crisis?

I’m not an infectious disease expert, so I can only go so far commenting about coronavirus.

But I can say this: Leaders are not omniscient, can’t predict the future, and make mistakes.

Schools close to reduce spread of the virus. Good? Maybe. But we can’t ID umpteen other ripple effects.

Similar for shutting down major sports schedules. Good? No one knows.

I confess that it concerns me to see governors using executive orders to ban gatherings over certain numbers, including particularly churches.

I know this is not an anti-religious action. But ceding to government power over religious assembly seems unwise.

A health crisis, even a severe one, is short-term. But unhindered religious congregation is a long-term civil liberty essential to free society.

And historically, through many plagues, Christian churches largely remained open with Christians providing sacrificial care, community, aid, solace, hope, and trust in the Living God.

Churches should not ignore public concerns, but they should seek to open in whatever ways they can.

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