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When culture rejects the idea of objective truth all that’s left is irrationality. 

American culture is now not just embracing but celebrating irrationality. What else explains abortion-on-demand all the way through even post-birth, gender fluidity, freedom of speech only if we agree, rejection of evidentiary rule of law in favor of rule by feelings?

Our irrationality is rooted in our embrace of moral relativism, which is now the basis of American culture’s worldview. This is perhaps most obvious in matters of human sexuality.

Doing what’s right in your own eyes sexually, that is, with public approval, cannot happen as long as religion, specifically biblical Christianity, is influential in people’s hearts and minds. So sexual progressivism in all its forms has become the point of the spear pushing total rejection of Judeo-Christian values as the historic basis of American public morality and culture. This push is organized, aggressive, and in the name of tolerance the most intolerant silence-opposing-views movement at work today.

This moral chaos shows up in, among other things:

  • Abortion
  • Huge percentage of homes with no father in the home, i.e. kids growing up without male parental influence
  • LGBTQ+, same sex marriage
  • Debt complacency- Living not just beyond our means; living beyond our children’s means
  • Dividing walls of hostility between groups: gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, language, culture
  • Loss of civility, morality, optimism replaced by a coarse and obscene culture, hysterical politics

Francis A. Schaeffer’s phrase “true truth” foresaw our current “your truth vs my truth,” subjectivism and relativism, “truthiness,” feelings-the-measure-of-all-things, and the mess we have now with “fake news” and “alternative facts.” 

Along with the phrase “celebrating irrationality” to describe our culture I’ve used the phrase “sophisticated ignorance,” like Athens in Acts 17. The superstition and D.I.Y. religion is evident in rejection of moral absolutes and the idea of objective truth, then an embrace of chance, feelings, and subjectivity over reason, and an inclination toward new forms of paganism. 

If you think abortion is “life-sustaining” as does the governor of Michigan, so it is. If a baby in the womb or even born alive is not wanted, it’s not a human baby. 

“War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” Celebration of irrationality.

Irrationality is now a way of life for more and more people.


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