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Seems to me, people no longer disagree; they divide. The fancy word is "polarization." Then they go to (cold) war.
They call the other, not simply misinformed or wrong, but judgmental or intolerant or offensive, enemy, hater, or bigot. There’s no longer, “The honorable Senator from the great state of…” in Washington, DC, and there’s no such respect on the average street.
They do not seek discussion much less debate but to silence others as dangerous. This outrage turns into political correctness and it's killing the free exchange of ideas in public universities.
This happens between Parties, as well as Left-Liberal, Conservative-Right. It happens not just on talk radio but among journalists, among academics, and increasingly among religious leaders as well. People assume positions with non-negotiable religious fervor re climate change, masks?, the wall, fracking, ad infinitum.
When religion, specifically Christianity, is of no consequence, when American ideals re liberty and order are no longer respected, or when truth is relinquished to moral relativism, all that’s left is power. Might makes right. No common aspirational future. No Unum, just Pluribus.
“Where there is no vision, the people perish,” (Prov. 29:18).


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