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I’ve written that America has lost its moral center, and that America is celebrating irrationality.  Here are a few results.

Questions for our moment:

1) Why have politicians on both sides of the aisle, who just a couple of months ago willingly dictated behavior restrictions (some unconstitutional) to preserve public health, suddenly become so feckless in the face of lawless rioters?

2) How, despite Justice Neil Gorsuch’s verbal gymnastics in the US Supreme Court’s recent majority opinion for Bostock v Clayton County, reading sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) back into the 1964 Civil Rights laws, can anyone believe that SOGI and religious liberty are not on a collision course?

3) How can people, rightly believing “Black lives matter,” jump on the bandwagon of the radical organization Black Lives Matter, which lists its views, antithetical to Christianity, on its website?

4) Why have America’s opinion elites: journalists, academics, celebrities, corporate executives, become so afraid of being “politically incorrect” that they rush to virtue signal their bona fides by kowtowing to the latest mob insanity du jour? –Cancel or silence people for their views? Sure. –Topple statues of great achievers? Sure. –Force board resignations or cancel church leases for leaders’ “Likes” of unacceptable politicians' Tweets? Sure. 

5) Do the national personalities who regard abortion-on-demand—infanticide by another name—as a sacred, inviolable norm really believe a baby is only a baby if it’s wanted, that a mother’s “rights” supersede the child’s right to life? 


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