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In my Christian "tradition" and upbringing we didn't talk a lot about spiritual warfare, dreams and visions, demonism, etc. Not that we didn't believe in these things, just that they weren't front and center in our theology or Christian practice.

Since having worked with SAT-7 I've had occasion to think more about such things and to talk with experienced people whose views I trust. I've learned to open my mind and heart to understanding more about what the Sovereign Lord can and does do, particularly in a spiritually oppressed region like the Middle East and North Africa.

I say all this, in all seriousness, to note that the Devil is alive and well, that spiritual warfare is real, and that SAT-7 USA is a place and mission Satan doesn't like.

For the past two weeks we’ve experienced one significant technological equipment breakdown after another. I can't claim that our run of IT problems are anything more than the product of living in a sin-tainted, cursed creation. But I also acknowledge that our run of more-than-usual IT problems could indeed be the work of spiritual opposition, because Scripture indicates that wherever there's spiritual opportunity there will be spiritual opposition. Note what happened to Nehemiah as he tried to rebuild the Wall and note what happened in Thessalonica (Acts 17).

So we’ve taken it to the Lord this week and we’ll keep doing so.

The Scripture says Satan is the Prince and Power of the Air for a season, but it also says the Omnipotent, Just, and Loving God is still in charge.


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