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“Proactive” is a word Alexander Graham Bell would have understood, and it’s a word every follower of God should learn. It means taking action based upon forward-thinking. It means we should not just react to circumstances, we should pro-act.

We should act with awareness, think innovatively and progressively. We need to try to anticipate changes in culture and seek to influence them. Better yet, we need to lead, not just respond.

Being proactive is what God talked about in the New Testament book of Matthew (24:42-51, 25:1-30). In a series of four parables, God says that he expects us to be watchful, ready, wise, faithful, and working. In other words, in the time that he gives us on this earth, God wants us to do something for him. He wants us to be active in his service, because he will hold us accountable for our work. He gives us life, creativity, and resources to use according to his rules for good living. It’s a form of stewardship—proactive stewardship.

Being proactive stewards as a way of life prevents us from falling into ruts. We keep fixing our eyes on Jesus, and we keep pressing on to what He has in store for us. We keep following His moral will for our lives and expecting His will to be accomplished in our lives.

By becoming proactive stewards we can do great things for God, no matter what title appears in front of our name, or what letters appear after.

Proactive stewardship—anticipating, working energetically, progressively, and accountably—is a worthy philosophy of life. Pursue the Lord’s will and work in this way and you will live with focus and get things done.


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